Golf Games: Bramble, or Shamble

golf outingBramble and Shamble are alternate names for a scramble format where players share the best drive location, then play their own balls until they hole out.

As with a regular scramble, each player tees off in turn, and the best drive is chosen as the spot for the next play. That’s the last time the players share a shot.  After that, each player continues to play his own ball as it lies until one player holes out. The best score is the group’s for the hole.

This is another good outing format because it puts a little more pressure on all members of a group to perform well. Too often, I’ve seen outing groups where the first player sticks it close and the others just pick up, assuming they can’t do any better. Not much involvement—or fun—in that. Bramble/Shamble can alleviate that issue.

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  1. Playing any scramble format can be a lot of fun. I often golf with friends who play infrequently and they are a bit hesitant to play with low handicap golfers. When I suggest we play a scramble format they are able to relax and not worry about having a bad hole. We can all just enjoy having some fun out on the course!


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