Golf Games: Bridge

Golf Bridge, as with the card version, is a game of teams and bids. On each hole, Team A (chosen randomly by coin or tee flip) places a bid for a combined score will be on that hole. Team B may either accept the bid, accept the bid at double the basic bet, or offer a lower bid. If a lower bid is offered, Team A has the same choices: accept, double, or offer a lower bid. If a lower bid is offered, the process repeats. Once the bet has been accepted, the game is on.

At the end of the hole, the payout is based on the number of shots the team with the final bid scores above or below the bid. If the team is 1 under, they receive the base bet (say, $2); 2 under receives double that ($4); 3 under the bid nets double that again ($8) and so on. Conversely, one over pays the base to the other team ($2); two over pays double that ($4) and so on. Matching the bid is a tie.

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