Golf Games: Left and Right

Left and Right is a four ball game “match play” game with ever-changing sides.

A four ball game consists of two teams of two players, each playing their own ball (thus, four balls). At the end of each hole, the low score wins the hole for his team (ties, of course, halve the hole).

In Left and Right, the teams change on every hole. All four players tee off and the tee shots are evaluated. The two balls furthest to the right are one team; the two to the left are the other. The players then play out the hole normally. A point is awarded to each player on the winning team. On the next hole, the teams are re-seeded.

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1 thought on “Golf Games: Left and Right”

  1. We occasionally do something similar to this. What we do is:

    1. Every body hits their tee shot
    2. Somebody flips a coin
    3a. If it lands with heads up, then the shortest and longest tee shot are one team vs the other two tee shots
    3b. It it lands with tails up, then it is the two leftmost tee shots vs the two rightmost tee shots
    4. Everybody plays their own ball in and lowest team combined score wins. If it is a tie, the team with the lowest individual score wins. If that is a tie, then the hole is tied.

    We usually play more for fun than money.

    We’ve been trying to come up with four more differentiators so that we could use a dice but haven’t really come up with any.


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