Golf Games: Me Too

Me Too is a good game to play when one player or a side is significantly better than the other. I play the game with my sons when we have an outing. In Me Too, instead of assigning handicaps, players are assigned a number of “Me Toos.” During play, they can expend a Me Too to move their ball from their current position to that of another player’s.

Example: After a drive, my ball is 230 yards out in the middle of the fairway. Thing One (the fourteen year old) has hit his ball 150 into the high rough, and Thing Two (the eight year old) whiffed. Both decide to use a Me Too and their balls are placed next to mine for their second shot.

The Me Too is better than giving Mulligans because it moves the game along—no extra shots. It also eliminates the possibility that the Mulligan shot is just as bad as—or worse—than the original. The obvious shot to use the Me Too on is drives, but it can be used at any time, including on putts.

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