Golf Games: Pick Up Sticks

Golf Games Pick Up SticksPick Up Sticks is one of the most cruel of golf games. most suitable for skilled players. It’s also known as Bag Raid.

On each hole, the player with the lowest score gets to “remove” one club—putter excepted—from the bag of the loser. Once removed, that club cannot be used for the remainder of the round. No club is removed on holes with a tie.

As a betting game, it’s probably most fun to be played as a Nassau: one bet for the winner of the front nine; one for the second; and one for best overall. Reset after the first nine holes.

It should be obvious why this game is for skilled players only. With fewer than the usual weapons in the armory, a player will be forced to get creative. Higher handicap players may not have the skills or imagination to do this.

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  1. I’ve seen the game played in the opposite pattern – loser of the hole is allowed to remove a winner’s club.  This process tends to level the playing field over time.

    In general, taking away a skilled player’s wedges tends to handicap him or her more than the long clubs over time.


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