1 thought on “Golf Games: Sandies”

  1. I had three great sandies last week.  Even better when you consider that our bunkers are a fine 50/50 fill dirt, leveling sand mix.  (maybe not quite that bad). 

    But at the same time, my percentage on bunker shots dropped last week.  I was probably at 90% or better from the greenside bunker to green, and I left 2 in the bunker in two rounds last week, and got all ball and flew the green in a 3rd.  Very frustrating, but I had some bad bunker shots a few months back and that lasted only a couple rounds before I was back on track, so hopefully that will be the case.

    Where I am really excelling right now is fairway bunkers.

    Best sandie was at Fighting Joe at Robert Trenk Jones Muscle Shoals – I went tee to fairway bunker to greenside bunker to 3 inches from hole to par.  Anyone looking to improve their sand game should go play Fighting Joe for 3 days- you either figure out how to play out of sand or you give up golf.


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