Golf Gift Guide: Golf Balls

Golf balls are the perfect gift for golfers. Every golfer needs them, and will appreciate them as a gift.

Don’t just go out and buy a box of top end Pro V1s, though. Pro V1s are fine for lot of players, but for many, they’re overkill. Professionals use them for a reason: the Pro V1 is attuned to top players’ swing speeds and skills. Lesser mortals will find better balls for their games.

Here are a few balls I’ve tried and recommend.

For the weekend hacker:

Nike Golf Power Distance PD Soft Ball

The Nike Power Distance series is my choice for a low-end price point ball. I find they’ve got good distance and better feel than other balls at this price point, such as the Top Flite and Pinnacle Brands. The one downside I’ve found, however, is that the covers are less durable. These are not balls that will last round after round. On the other hand, they’ll last plenty long if you’re the type that loses a ball or two every round.

For the aspiring player:

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls 12pk White

The Wilson Staff Duo has been my ball of choice for nearly every round since I discovered it last year. The very low 40 compression maximizes distance for my slower-than-the-pros swing speed. The feel is exceptional, and I can even get a decent amount of spin around the green. It is durable. The best part, however, is the price: around $20 a dozen. You won’t find a better buy.

For the better player

Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6 Golf Balls (Pack of 12), White

The Bridgestone E6 (along with its siblings, the E5 and E7) is probably the best buy in a three piece ball available right now. This model is supposed to minimize spin for straighter shots, which is a good thing for most amateurs. The Bridgestone name name has a little more cachet than Wilson, so for five bucks more, this might be a better looking gift.

The High End:


At the high end, the natural impulse is to buy a box of Pro V1s, but I’m going to suggest a road less traveled: the 3UP 3F12.  This is a premium 3 piece ball that offers playing characteristics equal to or superior that the Pro V1. For the holidays, they come in nice red bag (they regularly come in a black bag) along with several other goodies. You can read my full 3UP golf ball review here. 3UP is not a big name in golf balls, but I think the golfer in your life will be enthusiastic once he tries them.

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