Golf Gizmachi



The Golf Gizmachi was invented by an automotive engineer in Macomb, Michigan. As you can tell from the photo, it clips to your club’s shaft and keeps it upright, reducign the chance of loss and keeping the grips dry at the same time.

Not a bad idea.

From the Source newspapers:

Golfer Rick Kujawski, 45, of Macomb Township, left his favorite wedge on the green and out of sight during a 2006 game at Cracklewood Golf Club in Macomb Township. Frustrated over the loss of his club, which he estimates cost up to $60, Kujawski went to work on an idea to keep his others safe.

That’s when the Golf Gizmachi was born. The simple, black plastic A-shaped device attaches to the shaft of all types of clubs and, using leverage, props them up, keeping them off the green and in sight. It also keeps grips off the ground, and clean and dry.

A gizmachi is an engineer’s term for a device that doesn’t yet have a name—similar to a gizmo or gadget.

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