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Golf Heaven is a blog that apparently has been around since August 2006. It claims to be “the ultimate blog for all of your golf needs. “


I thought that was GolfBlogger. Or Hooked On Golf. Or The Bogey Lounge. Or The Sand Trap. Or Eat Golf. Or Even Par Round. Or …

Snide remarks aside, it’s worth a visit.

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1 thought on “Golf Heaven Blog”

  1. Thanks for adding me in GolfBlogger! I am a little confused about Miranda’s comment, but anyway I appreciate being noticed by an established blog. I actually am moving the site to, so make sure to check us out there in the next 24-48 hourse. Of course, the old address will still work as it redirects to the new site.


    Golf Heaven

    P.S. Welcome to the Blogroll


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