Golf I-75

imageI met Greg Schwartz, the founder of Golf I-75 at the recent Michigan Golf Show in Novi, Michigan and was impressed with the concept.

Golf I-75 is but the first of a series of websites that focus on golfing opportunities along the major US interstates.

On Golf I-75, you’ll find a list of public courses located within fifteen miles of I-75, which runs from Northern Michigan to Florida. Michiganians are well familiar with the road, for it leads us “Up North” to our cottages on the lakes, and south to winter playgrounds in Florida.

The site is easy to navigate: after selecting a state, you are shown a map with clickable mile markers. Selecting one shows a list of courses in the area.

Even better: there are coupons for many of the courses.

It’s a great project, and I look forward to seeing more.

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