Golf In December At Huron Hills, Ann Arbor, Michigan



I managed to get out to play this past weekend in one of Michigan’s typical short-lived December thaws. The temperatures were hovering around fifty, and the air quite humid.

The best news is that I shot an 80, which is as low a score as I’ve had in quite a while. To be fair, however, the course is a par 67, and carries a 117 slope; it’s not difficult.

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1 thought on “Golf In December At Huron Hills, Ann Arbor, Michigan”

  1. I was out there Sunday playing 18 between 10 and Noon.  I agree with you that is was thoroughly pleasant.  I almost ended the season with an exclamation mark when my approach on #18 banged off the flagstick.  As it was, however, I couldn’t even make the birdie putt.

    It is not an overall difficult course but it has its challenges.  It would take a pretty good golfer to par all the par 3 holes.  One better have a good short game as those greens are, for the most part, tiny.


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