Golf In Michigan - Temporary Greens In December

Temporary Greens

The temporary greens are out at my favorite local course. I had actually expected them much sooner, but after an early November snow, the weather warmed. When I played today, temperatures still were in the 40s.

Except for their diminutive size, I don’t really mind the temporary greens. They’re rough and bumpy, and I imagine quite similar in character to the greens people played on before modern mowers and turfgrass science. I actually don’t have much trouble putting as long as I remember to hit the ball quite solidly.

Temporary Greens 2

I don’t keep score on winter rounds. The bulkier clothing required by cold weather (today it was in the upper 30s) does considerable damage to my swing, and the cold equipment requires a complete rethinking of distances. Still, I played passably well today. The long range forecast predicts that temperatures will remain above freezing for the next ten days or so. I may be able to extend my season for another week or two.

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