Golf Lobbies Congress For Understanding—If Not Help

The Los Angeles Times has a story on how the golf industry is lobbying Congress:

Reporting from Washington—In today’s economy, golf is in the rough. And with a bad lie. Once-haughty country clubs are offering specials. Courses have closed or cut back on maintenance. The world’s top golf ball manufacturer has seen demand for souvenir balls stamped with company logos drop off.

And so officials in the golf industry have joined the nation’s bankers, auto makers and insurance companies in marching to Washington in search of understanding. They’re not asking for a bailout, but they do want greater appreciation of their industry’s importance.

“There are a number of congressmen who do not understand the economic impact of golf on their local community,” said James B. Singerling, chief executive of the Club Managers Assn. of America. “Our message to Congress is that when you pass legislation that makes it difficult for the golf industry to stay in business, you don’t hurt the wealthy. Who you hurt are the employees.”

Read the entire article.

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