Golf Marathon

I’ve just completed my own personal golf marathon.

I played 18 on the fourth of july starting at 6 pm. On Wednesday, I played 36. And this morning, I played another 36.

And I walked it all.

That’s 90 holes in less than 48 hours. And I shot one of my best rounds of the summer on the last 18 today: an 85.

I’m exhausted. But I can say that walking that much golf has given me an insight into what happens to players in multi day tournaments. It’s obviously the legs that go first. I’m in good shape, but on the last 36, my legs were starting to feel like rubber bands. And as my legs got more tired, I lost distance and accuracy. I found that I had to focus even more than usual to stay on plane and make clean shots. Without a strong leg base, I found that I was slapping at the ball, rather than driving on it.

I’ll see how I feel the rest of the day before deciding whether to try another 36 tomorrow.

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