Golf Needs An All Star Game

This past week, there has been much moaning from the golf cognoscenti over the missing starpower at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. They may have a point: The event is missing eleven winners from the past year, including three of four major winners (McIlroy, Clarke and Schwartzel). The tournament features just 19 of the top 100.

Ouch. Once upon a time, this event was perhaps meaningful, but no more.

There is a solution, though—one that would benefit both the sponsors, and the PGA Tour: Turn it into an All-Star Game.

Here’s how it would work. As now, all of the winners from the previous year would get invites. The rest of the field, however, would be filled from a list of players ranked according to a fan vote. Voting for the 2013 Hyundai would take place at booths at every PGA Tour event, and the results announced at the Tour Championship.

The Hyundai field, then, would consist of winners and fan favorites. Rickie Fowler may not have won a single event, but I rather think his presence would please the sponsors, television and the fans. Ditto Ian Poulter.

Golf needs an All-Star game.

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2 thoughts on “Golf Needs An All Star Game”

  1. I’d reallly like to see all of the sports get back to their natural season and stop trying to squeeze every last ounce of interest.  Take January for instance, this month belongs to Basketball and Hockey (as does February).  Throw in a couple of bowl games over New Years, and play the super bowl, and get out of town.  (Basketball and Hockey have to be done by mid-april, no later than the average late snow).  Baseball 4/1 through the first week of October.  Golf season starts with the masters.  They can have a variety of exhibition events after 3/1 (all-star, match play, celebrity pro-am, etc.)  Football basically labor day on, so golf should be down to exhibition play shortly after that.  How can we miss this stuff it never goes away?


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