Golf One Liner Of The Century

The one-liners were flying at the Players Championship this past weekend. Sergio Garcia, however, may have won not only the Players, but also the award for the best quote:

“First of all,” Garcia said, “I want to thank Tiger for not being here. That always makes things a little bit easier.”

Runner Up, Paul Goydos:

Q. Two things; one on golf, one on non-golf. Did this all start at the end of 2006? In other words, did your game turn around when you won down in Florida, where all of a sudden you started playing well? And what school did you actually teach at?
PAUL GOYDOS: I think I’m a better player than I’ve ever been. That said, so is everybody else who plays out here (laughter), which is the problem.

1 thought on “Golf One Liner Of The Century”

  1. I love the GolfBlogger!
    According to Hoyle, I’ll bet the actual “Golf One Liner of The Century” will actually be a one liner, rather than your examples. Call me zany, but, you know….
    Forensic examination may reveal them to be “two liners”, or even “three liners”.  That said, I have no formal qualifications in “one liner” definition. Suffice to say I have my own opinion over at:

    That said….  Mr Goydos gave an outstanding few quotes after losing (and thank God he lost – see link above). All genuine, if weird, one liners, delivered one after the other.  Brilliant!  What a quote machine!  What a good guy!  What a loser!
    “No defense.”
    “I couldn’t tackle the little guy.”
    “He’s probably not little; that’s probably not a fair thing.”
    “He could probably take me pretty easily.”
    “But you can’t kneecap him”

    Rant on!  Google “expectarant” for more mayhem….

    Cheers, Nottageek


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