Golf Pride Custom Laser Engraved Grips


Here’s a great idea for a Christmas gift for the golfer in your life: custom engraved grips.

Golf Pride offers custom engraving on their most popular grip lines: the new Decade Multicompound in Red and Blue, The DD2 in Red and Yellow, the Tour Wrap and the classic Tour Velvet.

The grips come as a kit, with 13 grips, solvent, 2 sided tape, clamp, and instructional CD-ROM. 

Regripping your clubs is easy and I have instructions for doing so right here: Regripping Your Clubs.

I got a sample of each of the four grip types. My clubs currently are gripped with the New Decade Reds, but also very much like the red DD2. The “laser” engraving is deep, and should remain legible for a long time.

This is a gift that I’d really like to get. It’d be cool to have a set with on them.

You can get the grip kits directly from Golf Pride.

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  1. Here’s another great gift for the golfer!!!

    A New Golf Table Game: Strategic “Fore-Thought”

    It’s like a box of toys for the golfer…..but with RULES!!!

    It’s a one-of-a-kind “board-less” golf table game that sparks the imagination, and immerses the players in social and mentally-challenging interaction… absolute thrill to open and play in friendly competition!!!

    This Limited Edition of Strategic “Fore-Thought” brought to you by IngeNEWitty is a unique golf table game invented, designed, and crafted with care to bring you many enjoyable hours of social interaction with friends and family.  It comes complete for table play or you can add your own chipping wedge and putter to take the game to a whole new exciting level.

    In a completely new playing format, you are transported to a beautiful fantasy golf course in the Spring of the year that you could only dream about. It’s a championship 18-hole, par 72, 7,240 yard course, realistically detailed with trials and tribulations of the finest world-class challenge courses. It’s a greens-keeper’s paradise, and the immaculate graphic illustrations “take you there”…..the rest is up to you!!!

    The name Strategic “Fore-Thought” says it all…..each hole requires assessment of risks and rewards BEFORE ‘hitting’ the ball. Strategy is key in this realistic game of fun and frustration, and each golfer formulates his/her own individual approach using strategic forethought and, of course, ingenuity (get it?????). Do you go for the green? Or do you lay up? Do you shoot for a Target Zone? Or does a Hazard pose a risk? What are the odds?

    IngeNEWitty is our name, and Strategic “Fore-Thought” is our game!!!

    How the game is played:

    Using forethought strategically, you survey potential landing areas, choose your preferred path to the green, use the “Shot-Master” to guide your club selection, tee it up (roll the die), and determine your fate. Track your location and stroke count on the “Shot-Master” along the way.

    Next shot will be crucial, but the Yardage Calculator helps to gauge the situation. Go for the greenie? Or suffer the short game? Are you good at putting?

    Oh, and don’t forget… should try to hit the Target Zones. That’s the way you can accumulate Bonus Cards…..they’ll come in handy later!!!

    The designated Pro Shop Manager records scores, awards Bonus Cards and prizes, officiates on all wagering, and handles any disputes that may arise. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s ‘gotta’ do it. After all, golfers have been known to ‘fudge’ occasionally!!!

    Complete rules with additional optional forms of play are provided, and contents include:

    •  1 graphics booklet
    •  1 tee mat
    •  1 putting ring
    •  4 “Shot Masters” (to help you keep track of where you are on each hole and your number of strokes as you continue to ‘hit’)
    •  4 golf balls
    •  4 ball markers
    •  16 tees
    •  1 die
    •  20 scorecards
    •  70 bonus cards
    •  $590 play money

    On top of that you get an original “Yardage Calculator” designed by the inventor to aid in calculating the distance required to advance your ball to your next goal throughout the course.  Additional product information accompanied by illustrative fly-by views are available on our website. Be sure to stop by and “Take The Tour” for the fun of it!!!

    What you DO get:

    Superb graphic illustration that gives the “feel” of being out for a round
    Yard-by-yard ball advancement the way golf was meant to be played
    Opportunity to display your chipping and putting prowess
    Loads of social interaction in friendly competition…..and time to eat snacks

    What you DON’T get:

    A playing board that looks like a cartoon
    Cutesy little tokens to move around space-to-space
    Trivia questions that bore you to tears
    Fancy packaging without meaningful game content

    So-o-o-o…..for less than average green fees for a foursome, Strategic “Fore-Thought” can be played by up to four ‘golfers’ or teams and … the sun always shines at the SFT Country Club!  No rain-outs here!!!

    Don’t miss the opportunity for this unique, one-of-a-kind game!!! It’s perfect as a gift idea, tournament prize, or corporate award…..or, even better yet, TREAT YOURSELF!!!

    Strategic “Fore-Thought” is a great new game full of fun and great frustration – ah, does that sound like golf anyone?

    Act now!!! It’s a Limited Edition available in only limited quantities… don’t delay!!!


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