Golf Pride New Decade Grips Review

New Decade Lite Cord
Grade: B

I have oddly sized hands: large palms with smallish fingers. This makes it difficult to find golf gloves that fit. It also makes it difficult to find grips of the proper size.

So when I went to Ralph Maltby’s Golfworks looking for a smallish, thin walled grip, the clerk suggested the New Decade. He was right. The grip fits better than any I’ve yet tried. It also turned out to be just right for the new graphite shafts that I was trying out. The grips were a couple of grams lighter than the ones I was using and this made the swingweight come out just right.

I also like the grip’s feel. The cord is a little rough on the top of the grip, and I think this makes me not grip it so tight. The grip’s lower half is very soft.

The downside of the grip is that, after a long session at the range, I get blisters. Because I don’t play with gloves (could never get any to really fit), the corded upper area gets a little rough on the hands. Because of this, I can’t really give it an A. So it gets a B.

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