Golf Pride USA vs Europe Ryder Cup Grips


Golf Pride V-Rad Rivalry Putter Grips

In time for the Ryder Cup, Golf Pride has released a set of grips—one for the US Team, and one for the European Team. The grips are beautifully designed—I particularly like the European design, if only because US Flag motifs have been done over and again. Both, however are very nice looking.

The grips also have a very nice feel. Soft, a little tacky and just the right size. I replaced the grip on my putter earlier this summer and am not quite ready to replace it, but at the next grip change, the USA version is going into use.

A note about changing your putter grips. Before removing the old grips, make note of how the flat sides line up with the putter head. Unlike the rounds on your irons and woods, it really matters how the putter grip lines up.

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