Golf Quiz Answers Question: What Type Of Golfer Are You?


The Answer We’ve All Been Waiting For

There’s a new quiz doing the rounds that promises to answer, What Type of Golfer Are You? This is a kind of conversation starter that is uttered with regularity on a golf course, but the folk at Golfplan Insurance have now devised a quiz to help you answer that definitively.

Based on nine scenarios (scarily true and relatable), each with four suggested outcomes, the answers given will build a profile. And it seems like there are plenty of profiles to go from. So let’s have a quick look at the different golfing stereotypes out there.

Golfing Profiles

There’s always someone out on the course who is and has to be louder than everyone else. Everyone knows about their shot – good or bad – and as well as hearing them from some distance, they often stand out because of their attire too.

We all know the one who is a stickler for rules, who insists on proper game-play and gamesmanship (even if they are known to conveniently shirk this when they find the rough).

What about the quiet, unassuming one who always wins – the one we secretly envy/hate because they are effortlessly so good? They’re probably really stylish too with not a single hair out of place on their head!

Then there’s someone who is a bit of a pretender. They talk a good game but only ever turn up to corporate events or when there is something riding on it. More often than not they are talking to hide their obvious deficiencies with their swing.

Whatever the stereotypes we are common with, golf just wouldn’t be golf without them and the course would be a duller place.

To this end, we took the quiz and we got the Patient Putter, which, according to the description, puts us in the category of someone who takes the game seriously. Well rules are rules after all!

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