Golf School For The Golf Blogger: Day 1

For a couple of years now, I’ve watched my distances shrink and my scores grow. I know that there’s something seriously wrong with my game, but I’ve never gotten around to doing something about it. But this year, I’ve made a major commitment to fixing my swing.

To that end, I enrolled in a two day golf school at Black Lake Golf Course in northern Michigan. Black Lake is a UAW course that’s rated as one of the best in the state; I’ve also heard good things about their school. The price was certainly right. Two days of instruction, unlimited golf (after lessons), meals and hotel for the price of four hours of private lessons at the local range.

I signed up for the school some months ago, and in short order received an itinerary back. Check in Sunday afternoon; party Sunday night; instruction from 8 to noon Monday; Golf in the afternoon and evening; More instruction 8 to noon Tuesday, then more golf. Not bad. My original date was the first weekend in May, but when I learned that I would be the only student, I asked if my spot could be moved to the next weekend. I didn’t want to put them out for one student, and frankly, it just sounded a bit weird to be the only one in the school.

So I showed up Sunday afternoon a week later (today), ready to start my lessons.

And immediately ran into a glitch: this week’s golf school starts on Monday and runs through Wednesday. When I pointed out that the flyer they produced for the season clearly shows the time and event schedule is for Sunday through Tuesday, he pointed out that among the 20 dates at the top of the page, this particular one started on a Monday. There wasn’t any asterisk, or anything else to indicate that out of all the dates, this was the odd duck. Nor did anyone tell me of the change when I swapped my original date. There was just a dense paragraph of dates, and I was supposed to realize that one was out of whack.


So there I was, five hours from Ann Arbor and no golf school. They did offer to put me up for the night in their lodge, but I would have been the only person there. Didn’t sound like a good idea.

They also offered to start my lessons on Monday morning so I could finish on Tuesday and go home. That was nice of them, but not necessary.

Fortunately, my in-laws live in a town about forty minutes away. I called Mrs. GolfBlogger to let her know of a change in plans (and so see if there was any objection to my taking an extra day—there wasn’t). She called her parents, and I drove on over to stay the night.

The upside to this is that I’ll begin Monday afternoon’s golf in a more rested condition. The downside is that I’ll have to make arrangements for a substitute teacher on Wednesday, and come up with a lesson plan for that day. Then I’ll have to email the plan to a colleague to give to the day’s substitute. 

But all of this is lesson number one about golf schools and golf vacations. Double and triple check the dates and days.

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