Golf Sites Seized By US Government


The US Government has been busy this week seizing sites that apparently are suspected of either hosting illegal torrents, violating copyright or selling counterfeit goods. Interestingly, at least three are golf sites:

I’ve never heard of these sites, but the presumed offense is selling counterfeit goods.

I totally agree that the sellers of counterfeit goods need to be shut down, just as I surely would like to see the dozens of sites copying my own content shut down. But it disturbs me that these sites were taken down without a hearing. One of the site owners—who claims he has done nothing illegal—says that he received no notification of the action. It seems to me that the Fourth Amendment to the Bill of Rights—prohibiting illegal search and seizure—requires at least a hearing before such action could be taken.

They told me that if I voted for John McCain,civil liberties would be in danger. And they were right!

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2 thoughts on “Golf Sites Seized By US Government”

  1. I saw this in relation to another story.  This is rather disturbing in how these sites are being shut down.  Actually rather I think they are having their domain names siezed, reportedly, you can still get to the sites themselves by using the old IP addresses in many cases. 

    I think they do need to work to shut down the sites and businesses selling conterfiet goods, and dealing in copyright infringement.  However, it does need to be after a court action, not just a warrant.

    Also, this is generally in support of big business, and extra care needs to be taken that infringement is not taking place on citizens and small businesses. 

    The whole airport thing is another mess where we are rapidly losing freedoms with an overbearing federal government (and they have talked about extending it to train stations, subways, and ports)-  all of which make no sense because those methods of transportations do not carry the special level of danger of airplanes. —

    All of this is completing my transformation into a libertarian.  I generally believe Ron Paul is way to libertarian for me, but I am now ready for him to be president.


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