Golf Stretching For A Better Swing DVD Review

imageGolf Stretching For A Better Swing

Grade: B+
Teacher’s Comments: A good DVD if you are serious about improving your flexibility. The quickie stretches at the end are teriffic.

Mike Pederson’s Golf Stretching For A Better Swing is a serious dvd for people who are serious about improving their golf game through fitness and flexibility.

It’s a challenging routine led by Mike Pederson, who has more than two decades of experience as a golf fitness expert.

Mike is an incredibly fit and limber individual and when I first watched the DVD, I thought “there’s no way I can do that.”

I found, however, that I had no problem imitating Mike’s moves, and have done the routine several times now with very positive effects. I must admit that I was worried that I’d pull something and cripple myself, but that didn’t happen. For me, it’s all been good.

Of course, I’m pretty fit for a guy in his mid 40s, and have always been quite flexible. (I also have good genetics. There are lots of athletes in the family, including close relative Jim Thorpe —the track star and football player, not the golfer. Another cousin played Major League Baseball).

However, not everyone my age is up to this sort of thing. I can easily see some of my friends giving up after the first set. What I really would have liked to see is some beginner routines to get you to the point where you can do the full set. Maybe that would be a good direction for Mike to go in future productions (he could take a bunch of typically “large” 40ish guys and get them going through the routines)

My other concern with the DVD is that to do all of the reps takes a fairly large time commitment. Now, I know that you can’t get fit and limber on the quick, but it would have been useful to have the DVD more clearly broken into several smaller routines that I could do on, say alternate days.

Along those lines, the best part of the DVD for me was the set of shorter routines at the end. In those, Mike shows you how to do stretches that imitate the various parts of the golf swing, from stance to backswing, impact and follow through. I’ve been trying to memorize those so that I can do them once or twice a day using a chair in my office. They’re quick and unobtrusive and really work.

Production values on the DVD are very good. I was especially impressed with the sound quality, for Mike can be clearly understood as he goes through the routine (and that can’t be said about all exercise videos). That’s a real plus for someone who is as deaf as I am.

It’s a good product.

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