Golf Vacations In Spain Worth Considering


The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain (that’s from “My Fair Lady,” if you’re looking for the cultural reference). But it apparently doesn’t fall in any sort of volume. Depending upon the source, Spain averages between 306 and 320 days of sunshine each year. Scotland, on the other hand, averages (depending on location) between 170 and 265 days of rain.

The temperatures also seem quite hospitable in Spain. Winter coastal temperatures are reported to hover around 17c (62f). In Michigan in the fall, winter and spring, that’s a heat wave and would have every golfer in town hitting the links. I wouldn’t be able to get a tee time.

While I’m sure that there’s nothing to compare with Scotland for the spiritual golf experience, I think a hard core player looking for a European golf vacation just might want to head to a golf course in Spain.

Spain’s tourism business realizes its natural advantages and have built what looks like a pretty impressive set of facilities.  You could golf Marbella, for example. Marbella is close to Spain’s “Golf Valley,” which hosts a collection of courses and resort areas such as Puerto Banus, Melia La Quinta and Atalaya Park. All reportedly are favorite spots of northern European vacationers. Marbella also has attracted a large number of celebrities, including at one point, the noted golfer Sean Connery.

For US travellers, now might be the time to take advantage of a favorable exchange rate. Smarter Travel says that countries that use the faltering Euro are good places to stretch your dollar—and Spain is one of those Euro-based countries.




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