GolfBlogger Bought By NBC/GolfChannel

GolfBlogger Bought By NBC/GolfChannel
GolfBlogger Bought By NBC/GolfChannel

GolfBlogger Bought By NBC/GolfChannel
Deal Will Expand The Reach of Golf’s Most Important Golf Blog

(Ann Arbor, Michigan. April 1, 2019) After fifteen years of excellence in independent golf journalism, GolfBlogger.Com has been bought by NBC/Universal, the parent company of Golf Channel.

“GolfBlogger has distinguished itself as a unique voice in golf,” said NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker. “We are pleased to add GolfBlogger.Com to our stable of golf properties.

“GolfBlogger has for the last fifteen years been the foremost advocate of golf’s 99% — the working man whose family, work and faith come first, but whose love of the game of golf is unabated.”

While the terms of the agreement have not been revealed, GolfBlogger.Com founder John Retzer was pleased.

“My new partnership with NBC and Golf Channel have made it possible for me to retire from my day job of teaching and pursue writing and photography for my golf blog full-time,” Retzer said. “It is a dream come true.”

Under the agreement, GolfBlogger will continue to produce its independent work, but will be supported by NBC/Universal’s technical expertise. GolfBlogger will also immediately hire three employees: an SEO expert, a full-time web developer and an accounts manager. These will help move GolfBlogger.Com to the next level.

Mike McCarley, president of Golf Channel was also enthusiastic.

“We at Golf Channel look forward to having Retzer as a regular guest on Morning Drive and other programs, McCarley said. “His unique voice will offer the everyman approach our programs need.”

GolfBlogger was launched on March 22, 2004, making it the oldest continuously published golf blog in existence. In fifteen years of part-time work, Retzer has published more than 12, 000 articles, and played and reviewed more than 200 golf courses.

Matt Ginella, Golf Channel’s travel correspondent is impressed.

“I can’t produce that volume of material, even with though it’s my full time job, and I have a team of writer, photographers and producers,” Ginella said. “I look forward to working with such as passionate and productive writer.”

The deal takes effect April 1, 2019.


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