GolfBlogger Forums Contest

What’s a GolfBlgger to do?

On the one hand, I’ve got forum software set up, but with only minimal participation.

But on the hand, I get thousands of daily visits to the GolfBlogger site.

The question is how to get the two to meet.

The answer is a contest.

The prizes: Sleeves of the new—and not yet released—TaylorMade TP Black or TP Red balls. (Yes, your friendly neighborhood Golf Blogger has these in hand).

I’ll give out two sleeves. One sleeve will go to the person whose post generated the most quality replies. The other will go to the best reply. (Thus, there is an incentive to both start new topics and reply to others.)

The Golf Blogger will, of course, be the final judge. I’ll make the decision on May 8, and ship them out on the 9th, ensuring that the winners have these hot little babes in their hands before they arrive on the retail shelves. (Sorry, but I’ll ship to US addresses only; can’t afford foreign postage).

There will be more prizes and contests in the very near future.

To join the discussion, just click on the Forums link above. You’ll have to sign up (if you haven’t already). Then you can start posting.

Lets get the conversations started.

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2 thoughts on “GolfBlogger Forums Contest”

  1. Yeah. I know. They haven’t been used much. But I haven’t done anything to promote them, either.

    I’m hoping that this does something to pick them up.

    I like to talk about golf and the forums would be the perfect thing for that smile


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