GolfBlogger Goes To Myrtle Beach

Time and money prevent The GolfBlogger from taking a lot of vacations outside Michigan, but this summer, I’m meeting family in Myrtle beach for a weeklong stay.

The big question: What courses to sample? I frankly don’t know anything about the Myrtle Beach golf scene, so I’m very much open to advice. What courses are worth playing in the north Myrtle Beach area? The GolfBlogger brother tells me that we’re near something called Barefoot Landing, but all the map tells me is that I have a plethora of choices.

So if you’ve been in that area, leave a comment below to suggest a course. Even better: if you’re the owner/operator of a course, or a tourism board and would like to have a review of your course appear on these pages, contact me at editor at golfblogger dot com.

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