GolfBlogger Heads To the US Senior Open

Next week, your friendly neighborhood GolfBlogger will be a member of the press corps at the US Senior Open at Inverness in Toledo. I’m really looking forward to it, for the players there are the golfing heroes from my younger days.

It’s my first major golf event as a member of the Fourth Estate, and I’m thinking hard about what unique angle I can bring to the table. Here’s a question for my readers: what would you like to know about the Senior Open that you won’t get from wire service stories? What questions would you like to see answered at the press conferences? Is there something you’ve wanted to know about the Senior Open?

Let me know. I’m looking for ideas.

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6 thoughts on “GolfBlogger Heads To the US Senior Open”

  1. I’d like to know about the guys who are not washed up pros.  How are they doing, are any competitive?

  2. I’d like to see ‘color’ stories: the tempo, the overall feel. How the practices go, how the golfers interact with the crowds, etc.

    And yes – like Dave, I’d like to know about the ‘non-retired’ guys.

  3. GB, my take on the ‘not washed up pros’ are the guys who didn’t come from the regular PGA tour, whether retired or double-dipping (PGA and Seniors). The pros that started with the Senior PGA.

    Covering the amateurs and the club pros would be pretty cool too. I’ll bet there’s stories there.


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