GolfBlogger Hits Two Thousand Posts!

A little milestone went passed unnoticed—even by me—this past week: I entered post number 2,000 in Golf Blogger.

The first one, published in March of 2004, commented on Tiger’s romance with Elin Nordegren. At the time, he was in a slump, and people were questioning whether he was being distracted by romance. I offered the idea that Jack Nicklaus said that his marriage was the best thing that ever happened to his career and that maybe it would be the same for Tiger.

The original intent of this blog was that it would be a mix of two of my favorite sites: Gizmodo and Instapundit—but with a golf twist. Gizmodo offers a daily list of the latest general purpose gadgets and gizmos; each day I try to offer at least one golf product for people to take a look at—hopefully it’ll be something you haven’t seen before. Instapundit offers links to interesting political stories with a short commentary; I try to offer links to interesting golf stories—although my commentary tends to be longer than Instapundit’s. 

I have also added original reviews of equipment and golf courses, as well as commentary on my own golfing and coaching experiences to the mix. I’d like to do more reviews—I know that others’ opinions always help me in my purchase decisions—but that’ll still be limited to the stuff I buy for my own use, and to products sent by manufacturers for me to try out. (If you are a manufacturer, and need some publicity, send your stuff along—blogs are a good way to get the viral marketing going).

The course reviews also are necessarily going to be limited to those in Michigan—or in places that I visit for reasons other than golf. I can’t possibly afford to take trips to golf resorts or better known courses. Still, with more than 800 courses in Michigan, there are a lot of places to be reviewed.

In the future, I also intend to add more essays and commentary on my own golfing experiences—although I am never going to bore anyone with a blow by blow description of a round. If you want to hear that, you can head out to the bar at your local course. There are plenty of blowhards there who will regale you with accounts of their latest eighteen.

Thanks to all my readers, and here’s to the next 2,000 posts.

3 thoughts on “GolfBlogger Hits Two Thousand Posts!”

  1. Congrats, Golf Blogger! I appreciate your blog. Plus, you were the first to welcome me to the golf blogosphere and to help show me the way.

    All the best,
    The Armchair Golfer


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