GolfBlogger Test Drives A Cadillac CTS Coupe

cadillac cts-1000386
Cadillac CTS outside of the GolfBlogger Mansion

This weekend, The GolfBlogger is taking a four day test drive of the Cadillac CTS, thanks to my new best friends at The Suburban Collection. This is an incredible vehicle—fast, responsive and luxurious. I’m stuck at work right now, but am anxiously awaiting the final bell so I can head out and cruise a highway.

As a geek, what I’m perhaps most impressed with is the level of technology in this automobile. It’s got a backup camera and radar, a sensor that lights up in the side mirrors as a car approaches the blind spot, and another that tells you when you’re drifting over the line. There’s a hard drive in the sound system that stores radio broadcasts like a TiVo, while the sound system adjusts volume for road conditions, open windows—and even rain! You can even insert a DVD into the console and record it to the hard drive. There’s a USB port, and a way to connect your ipod that allows you to control the device from the pop up lcd navigation screen.

Comfort: Wonderfully adjustable seats, with the best lumbar support I’ve experienced. The Cadillac CTS has more vehicular personalization options—from seat adjustment to climate control and lighting—than I could possibly explore in just four days. Heated seats have become a norm in upper end autos, but this one also has cooled seats for those hot sticky summer days. And for your cold fingers, there’s a power tilt and telescoing heated steering wheel. No gloves in the car needed here.

BONUS: It’s got XM radio, so I can listen to PGA Tour radio on my commute. Woo Hoo!

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2 thoughts on “GolfBlogger Test Drives A Cadillac CTS Coupe”

  1. One of my dream cars is the CTS-V Station Wagon. For when you have to get the kids to 60 in 4 seconds.

    Mom’s GMC Terrain has a similar harddrive stereo/nav system.  That with the integrated Bluetooth/USB connections to Android and iPhones is pretty awesome.  She has had Onstar for the last couple cars before this and loved the handsfree.  She never could figure out how to use the various handsfree speakers and headsets, but when we setup her phone (a freebie phone) into her GMC’s Bluetooth, it integrated perfectly, getting the contact list and everything down to it.  Since I set it up over a year ago, not once has it lost the configuration or messed up to where I needed to reset it.  I wish her computers and TV equipment would be so simple.


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