GolfBlogger.Com Signs Tiger Woods


GolfBlogger.Com, the internet’s premier golf blog, has signed a three year agreement with fourteen time Major Winner Tiger Woods. Under the agreement, Tiger will display the GolfBlogger.Com logo on his bag.

“We’re proud and excited with our new relationship with Tiger Woods. He’s arguably the second or third best player in golf history and a guy who—intentionally or not—can generate a lot of media buzz,” said Dick Morris, spokesman for GolfBlogger.Com. 

“I’m equally proud to join with GolfBlogger.Com,” said Woods. “After talking to its leadership, I came away convinced that GolfBlogger.Com focused on ‘being the best,’ something that I would like to refocus on in the coming years.”

As part of his agreement, Woods will write a monthly column for GolfBlogger.Com and be available to appear at an agreed-upon number of GolfBlogger.Com marketing events, client meetings and local office events, as well as advertising opportunities.


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2 thoughts on “GolfBlogger.Com Signs Tiger Woods”

  1. Congrats on the pickup of your 4/1 article, now others may find out what we already know about your blog. It is part of my daily reading.
    Mike Iser


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