GolfBlogger’s 2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide: Apparel and Shoes

GolfBlogger’s 2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide: Apparel and Shoes

For Father’s Day, here’s a selection of shoes and apparel that are GolfBlogger tested and approved.

You can also check out last years’ gift guides for golf clubsballs and accessoriesfood and beverage and shoes. I’m confident you can still find all of those items online.

TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes

TRUE Original 1.2
Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: Designed for walking, but a great all-around golf shoe.

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: These are absolutely the shoes to wear while walking on a hot summer round.

Manufacturer’s Site

The TRUE Original 1.2 and the TRUE Knit II are outstanding shoes designed from the ground up for walking — and for golf. They are soft, flexible and lightweight. If footwork is important to your golf game, TRUE Linkswear are the shoes for you.

For 2022, TRUE’s iconic All Day Knit II (A.K.A TKII) has been remastered and released in four spring-like colors ranging from Asphalt to Vino ($145). The five original colors are still available for traditionalists lead by the ever-popular G.O.A.T. Grey. Spring and summer can make buckets of rain in many parts of the U.S., and TRUE meets meteorology head-on with the All Day Ripstop ($150), a close cousin to the TKII. The company’s most sustainable shoe, the Ripstop is made from 100% recycled materials that is both wind and water-resistant. 

I have 100% confidence that the new shoes are as good as the previous.

Srixon/ASICS Golf Shoe

Srixon/Asics Gel-Kayano Ace Golf Shoes
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: Among the best walking golf shoes I’ve ever worn.

manufacturer’s website
on Amazon

ASICS — renowned for its running shoes — has teamed with Srixon to create one of the best golf shoes for walking I have ever worn.

The Srixon / ASICS Gel-Kayano Ace shoes put a spring in my step as I tread the hills at Washtenaw Golf Club. They are light, flexible and the FlyteFoam midsole and GEL heel cushioning move me speedily along.

Dads who like the sneaker look will love these.

Radmor Vincent Performance Golf Pants

Radmor Vincent Golf Pants
Grade A
Teacher’s Comments: A slim fit with enough stretch in the right places. Flattering.

Manufacturer’s site

The Radmor Vincent Performance golf pants are not the sort of design I am normally attracted to. They are branded as “slim fit,” which for this guy in his late fifties is usually shorthand for “you’ll look ridiculous.”

It turns out I was completely wrong. They look great and have enough give to let me make a full turn.

Mrs. GolfBlogger thinks they make me look sexy. But she is required by law to think that because we’re married.

Radmor is an up-and-coming golf apparel company that focuses on sustainable products. The company recently dropped its men’s and women’s spring collections available for purchase by green-minded golfers. The company’s sustainably-sourced golf clothing forgoes virgin polyester in favor of natural cellulose fibers like Peruvian Pima cotton, elastane yarns and super-soft Tencel (lyocell and modal) to create the most eco-minded golf apparel in the industry. The spring collection includes a variety of polos, “tee” shirts, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, shorts, hats and other accessories. Founders Scott Morrison and Bob Conrad, who played on the University of Washington men’s golf team, launched RADMOR in 2020. 

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo
Grade A+
Teachers’ Comments: Good quality, good fit.
Company Website

Rhone is another brand that likely is targeted at younger folk than I. On the other hand, I find it fits perfectly and the shorts and polo are in the regular rotation of my golf wear.

The material Rhone is designed to be moisture wicking and cool. Rhone says that it is infused with “GoldFusion Anti-Odor Technology” and naturally releases wrinkles. As you might have guessed, the “Gold” in “GoldFusion” refers to actual particles of gold in the thread.

Most important, I think, is the stretch that the polo gets from its elastine content (elastine is the generic term for branded fabrics like Lycra and Spandex).

Its good stuff.

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