GolfBlogger’s 2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide: Equipment

GolfBlogger's 2022 Father's Day Golf Gift Guide: Equipment Pictured: gift box

GolfBlogger’s 2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide: Equipment

Here are a few golf gift suggestions for the golfer in your life for Father’s Day. Each is something that the GolfBlogger has personally tested and approved.

You can also take a gander at last years’ gift guides for golf clubs, balls and accessories, food and beverage and shoes. Most of those items are still available at retailers.

Honma TW 757 Hybrid

While I haven’t done a formal review as of yet, I can absolutely recommend the Honma TW 757 Hybrid.

I have found that the 24° model with the Vizard shaft is a perfect substitute for the five iron in my Srizon Z 585 set. It’s easier to hit, travels about the same distance and has a high soaring flight that has to be seen to be believed.

I have hybrids from various manufacturers in the 2, 3, 4 and now 5 iron positions in my setup. The Honma is my new favorite.

Manufacturer’s Site

Tour Edge C721 Driver

Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Hot face. Low Spin. Fifteen yards longer than my previous driver. Seriously.

Read the full Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver Review

The bottom line is that a year later, this club is still in my bag.

The C721’s face employs a technology Tour Edge calls Diamond Face 2.0. with this, the driver face has 43 different diamond shapes of variable thickness behind the face. Each acts as a mini-trampoline, bringing more speed to the outer edges where hackers like me make contact as often as not.

Tour Edge doesn’t get the same press attention as TaylorMade and Callaway, but in my mind, its offerings are every bit as good, if not better. But don’t take my word for it. Tour Edge has a long list of Champions Tour players who have their clubs in play, including the ageless Bernhard Langer.

Tour Edge Exotics E721 Irons

Tour Edge Exotics E721 Irons
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Consistent distance and dispersion, nice feel

Read the full Tour Edge Exotics E721 Irons Review

I don’t have a full set of these, so they’re not my gamers. But if I did, I think they would be. These are easy to hit, with tight dispersion and consistent distance. As with all of Tour Edge’s products, they are a great value for the money.

The Exotics E721 irons are a hollow body design that doesn’t look like one The hollow space is filled with VIBRCOR, a TPU material designed to help give the clubs that forged iron “buttery feel.”

Garmin Approach G12

Garmin Approach G12 GPS
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A really well-thought-out golf GPS device.

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On Amazon

Very reasonably priced at around $120, the Garmin Approach G12 offers distance to the front middle and back of greens, as well as to hazards. It also will keep score, track your distance walked and shot distance.

I’ve got this with me on every round on my home course (Washtenaw Golf Club), where I need a quick read more than I need the sort of detailed mapping I’d get from a phone app.

Srizon Z Star Tour Diamond

Srixon Z Star Tour
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: A successful mix of distance and spin.

Read the complete Srixon Z Star Tour Diamond review

On Amazon

The Srixon Z Star Tour Diamond is a Pro V1 Challenger that just might be right for the golfer in your life. Every swing has an ideal ball to match. This might be the one.

A three-piece design, the Z Star Tour Diamond employs a “FastLayer Core,” urethane “SpinSkin” cover and a 338 dimple pattern for long game distance and short game control.

The Z Star Tour Diamond’s performance is designed to be somewhere between the high spinning but softer Z Star and the longer, more firm but lower spinning Z Star XV.

Varispeed Putting System

Varispeed Putting System
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: a very nice practice surface that — amazingly — offers variable stimp.

Read the complete Varispeed Putting System Review

Buy the Varispeed Putting System online at The Golf Store Outlet:

Drive for show. Putt for dough.

What’s cool about this putting practice system is that you can adjust the stimp of the mat by brushing the carpet’s nap in different directions

OnCore Vero X1

OnCore Vero X1 Golf Balls
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: In a blind test, I’d be hard pressed to distinguish from the Pro V1
Manufacturer’s site
on Amazon

Read the complete OnCore Vero X1 Review

The Vero X1 from OnCore is one of those alt-brands that deserve a second look. The X1 is a Pro V1 alternative that’s $10 cheaper a dozen with similar flight characteristics. The key technology is a perimeter weighting system that is said to improve accuracy and reduce side spin off the driver.

Also from OnCore is the enhanced ELIXR, a three piece ball that — like the Vero X1 employs perimeter weighting. The ELIXR retails for under $30 a dozen with additional loyalty and bulk purchase discounts available.

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