GolfBlogger’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Golf Clubs and Balls

GolfBlogger’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Golf Clubs and Balls

Quite a lot of things arrive on the GolfBlogger’s doorstep over the course of a year, hoping for a review. I take the time to write about the things I enjoy; the things I don’t like are ignored. Life is too short to spend time writing bad reviews.

That said, here are a few golf gift suggestions for the 2023 holiday season. Each of these has been GolfBlogger tested and approved:

PXG 0311 XF Driver

PXG 0311 XF Driver
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: This baby makes the ball fly.

Billionaire Bob Parsons couldn’t find a set of golf clubs that would improve his game, so he started his own golf club company. PXG – Parsons Extreme Golf — has created quite a buzz with its uniquely styled clubs and Parsons’ brash enthusiasm for his products.

I had a great experience with the PXG Clubfitting at PXG Detroit and have been absolutely thrilled with the performance of the PXG 0311 XF Driver. It really makes the ball fly off the tee.

Read GolfBlogger’s full PXG 0311 XF Driver Review.

Honma TW 757 Hybrid

Honma TW 757
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: An easy swing sends the ball far and high. Very Consistent

Manufacturer’s Site

GolfBlogger’s Honma TW 757 Review

Honma is perhaps not as well known some other brands, but its offerings should not be overlooked. A Honma XP-1 Driver has secured its place in my “Up North Michigan” bag at the cottage, and the TW 757 is in my bag at GolfBlogger World Headquarters.

Read GolfBlogger’s Honma XP-1 Driver Review.

The 24° TW 757 with the Vizard shaft is a perfect substitute for the five iron in my Srizon Z 585 set. It’s easier to hit, travels about the same distance and has a high soaring flight that has to be seen to be believed.

I have hybrids from various manufacturers in the 2, 3, 4 and now 5 iron positions in my setup. The Honma is my new favorite.

Tour Edge C721 Driver

Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Hot face. Low Spin. Fifteen yards longer than my previous driver. Seriously.

Read the full Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver Review

The bottom line is that a year later, this club is still in the gamer in my bag.

Brava Driver Shaft

company website

I have not yet written a full review of the Brava Driver Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology, but my impressions of it are quite favorable.

Breakthrough Golf Technology is the brainchild of Barney Adams, the legendary golf equipment designer and entrepreneur. The follow-up to the BGT Stability putter shaft, it is similarly designed for stability. The idea is that more stability results in more consistency.

I’ve installed it on an older Cobra King F8 head and have been impressed with how it has breathed life into a club that had found its way to the bottom of the driver lineup.

Srizon Z Star Tour Diamond

Srixon Z Star Tour
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: A successful mix of distance and spin.

Read the complete Srixon Z Star Tour Diamond review

On Amazon

The Srixon Z Star Tour Diamond is a Pro V1 Challenger that just might be right for the golfer in your life. Every swing has an ideal ball to match. This might be the one.

A three-piece design, the Z Star Tour Diamond employs a “FastLayer Core,” urethane “SpinSkin” cover and a 338 dimple pattern for long game distance and short game control.

The Z Star Tour Diamond’s performance is designed to be somewhere between the high spinning but softer Z Star and the longer, more firm but lower spinning Z Star XV.

OnCore Vero X1

OnCore Vero X1 Golf Balls
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: In a blind test, I’d be hard pressed to distinguish from the Pro V1
Manufacturer’s site
on Amazon

Read the complete OnCore Vero X1 Review

The Vero X1 from OnCore is one of those alt-brands that deserve a second look. The X1 is a Pro V1 alternative that’s $10 cheaper a dozen with similar flight characteristics. The key technology is a perimeter weighting system that is said to improve accuracy and reduce side spin off the driver.

Also from OnCore is the enhanced ELIXR, a three piece ball that — like the Vero X1 employs perimeter weighting. The ELIXR retails for under $30 a dozen with additional loyalty and bulk purchase discounts available.

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