GolfBlogger’s Holiday Gift Guide: Apparel

GolfBlogger’s Holiday Gift Guide: Golf Apparel Here’s a selection of golf apparel that I’ve worn and liked.

The GolfBlogger in the TRUE Original 1.2 shoes, braving 40 degree temperatures for a review at Washtenaw Golf Club.

TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes

TRUE Original 1.2
Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: Designed for walking, but a great all-around golf shoe.

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: These are absolutely the shoes to wear while walking on a hot summer round.

Manufacturer’s Site

The GolfBlogger is a dedicated walking golfer, logging many hundreds of miles each summer. A good pair of shoes, therefore are worth their weight in gold.

True Linkswear builds its shoes with walkers in mind, and it shows. They’re incredibly comfortable, and the zero drop designs help with footwork and balance.

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In The Mail: Custom Brand The Hand  Gloves

Custom Brand The Hand Gloves

Brand The Hand Gloves
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: These would be great for a corporate or group gift
Company Website

My friend Jimmy Dee Dowsett, a former golf professional and Air Force veteran, has launched Brand The Hand, a company which makes branded custom golf clubs.

The customized gloves come in sizes from small to 3XL, and materials including Cabretta leather and Sublimated Nylon.

Brand The Hand gloves strike me as a really good promotional device for a golf-adjacent business. In addition to golf gloves, Brand The Hand offers all-sport gloves, batting gloves, football gloves, ranch gloves, work gloves and mittens.

In The Mail: Radmor Golf Apparel Pictured: Pants and Shirt
Radmor Golf Apparel: Vincent Performance Pants and Taylor Retro Collar Ombre Polo

Radmor Golf Apparel

I’ve yet to write a full review on these because the weather here in November in Michigan has not been entirely cooperative. I like to wear pieces of apparel several times to see how they feel on the course and how well they hold up.

That said, my initial impressions are really good. The cotton blend is very soft and the fit and finish are top notch. The styling is classic.

Radmor prides itself on being the first brand in the golf industry to focus on making eliminating the use of “virgin” polyester, making the brand environmentally friendly. If that’s important to you, take a look at Radmor’s offerings.

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo Review
Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo on the GolfBlogger.

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo
Grade A+
Teachers’ Comments: Good quality, good fit.
Company Website

Rone’s Commuter Shorts were my favorite piece of apparel this past summer. The fit is perfect, with just the right amount of give to accommodate the golf swing. They’re also quite cool to play in.

The Rhone polo is a more athletic cut than I usually wear, but it too has a lot of give. Unlike some other close fitting polos, I never felt as though it was restricting my swing.

They’ve got some great designs and colorways.-

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Hot Girls Pearls Review

Hot Girls Pearls

Hot Girls Pearls
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Mrs. GolfBlogger really likes them. Perfect as a gift for the woman in your life.

Manufacturer’s Website
On Amazon

Hot Girls Pearls are nice looking pieces of costume jewelry filled with a reusable, freezable gel. After four hours in the freezer in their insulated bag, the pearls are ready to keep the wearer cool and comfortable for as long as an hour.

Mrs. GolfBlogger uses them all the time to cool off after a workout or long bike ride.

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Sqairz Golf Shoes

Sqairz Golf Shoes
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Comfortable, helps with alignment, great traction

Manufacturer’s site

The square toes on these shoes are distinctive and serve a two-fold purpose. First, the square front helps with alignment while still conforming to the rules of golf. Second, they offer extra room for the toes and enable a full range of motion with greater stability and balance.

They’re also quite comfortable to walk in.

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The GolfBlogger Testing Galway Bay All Weather Apparel. On the second tee at Washtenaw Golf Club.

Galway Bay All Weather Apparel

Galway Bay All Weather Apparel
Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: Waterproof and Comfortable

One of the best golf complements I’ve ever received came from another golf writer who said “I know you’ll be out there playing. You’re a real mudder.”

It’s true. I’ll play in all kinds of weather: heat or cold; rain or shine.

That’s only possible, though, because I have the proper equipment.

Galway Bay All Weather Apparel is one of the reasons I can play in adverse weather conditions. It’s watertight, breathable and comfortable to wear.

The bottoms of the rain suit are somewhat unusual. They’re meant to be worn as trousers — not to be pulled over other clothing. They’re on the warm side, and so are perfect for a cool spring or fall day when rain threatens. If rain appears, you’re set; if not, the fact that they breathe well makes them a nice pair of golf trousers to wear anyway.

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