GolfBlogger’s New Year’s Golf Resolutions

GolfBlogger's New Year's Golf Resolutions GolfBlogger’s New Year’s Golf Resolutions

In looking back on last year’s New Year’s Golf Resolutions, I was pleased to see that I made progress on each and every one. And, as it turns out, my golf resolutions for this year are really just to continue the progress I made on the goals I set for the last.

Play More

I would be very surprised if this wasn’t a resolution for every golfer on the planet.

Keep Score Less Often

Aided by the USGA’s idiotic decision to prohibit solo golfers from posting scores, I don’t think I kept score on more than a handful of rounds last year. I had more fun not worrying about the score. This year, I think I’m going to get a golf game tracker such as Game Golf or Arccos to track stats without necessarily tracking my score. That way, I’ll be able to have some measure of improvement or decline without putting score foremost in my mind.

Move Up A Set Of Tees

Last year, I made the resolution to move up a set of tees. I stuck to it and had a lot more fun. My target number right now is 6,000 yards. I try to play the tees that are closest to 6,00 yards, unless the advice of the course pro, starter or a study of the scorecard says otherwise.  I did run into a couple of courses last year where the starter/pro said that the course plays “shorter” than the card yardage indicates. They were correct, and I was glad to have played the advised tees.

Here’s the thing about the shorter tees: I’m not practicing for a USGA or State event. I’m too mature for ego to drive my decisions. And it is more fun to hit short- and mid-irons into par four greens than long irons, hybrids and fairway woods.

Visit More Courses

I like to “collect” courses. Over the years, I have now played and reviewed 172 golf courses (with several more reviews in the wings) in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, New York, California and Morocco. Yes. Morocco.

This year, I’d like to add some courses in the Southeast. Kentucky, perhaps. Or North Carolina. Or Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi.

Nearer to home, I need to play one last course to finish every public course in Michigan’s Wayne and Washtenaw Counties. Next, I’ll try to wrap up Oakland. This summer, I’ll try to finish out the Boyne properties.

On the Michigan bucket list: Rounds at Crystal Downs, Kingsley Club, Barton Hills and several more of Michigan’s outstanding private courses.

Stay On My Fitness Regime

Over the past two years, I have been on a bit of a fitness kick. I joined a gym and have been religiously working out three times a week. I do weights of various sorts, cardio and stretching exercises. It has made a difference in the way I feel, and, I think in my game. While I am never going to be a long hitter, I am striking the ball with much more authority than before. Those core exercises have really paid off. Even if it hasn’t improved my game, I am lighter, stronger and have more endurance than have been since my 20s. Not bad for a guy looking at retirement.

And a new resolution: Play In Canada

Given that GolfBlogger World Headquarters is just an hour away from the border, it is appalling that I have yet to play a round of golf in Canada.  This next summer, I’d love to take a couple of days  and play some of Canada’s fine courses. Ideally, at least one of those would be a Stanley Thompson design.

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