GolfBlogger’s Top Ten Golf Courses In Michigan – 2017 Edition

GolfBlogger's Top Ten Golf Courses In Michigan - 2017 Edition
Forest Dunes, the top course on GolfBlogger’s Top Ten Golf Courses In Michigan List

The Top Ten Golf Courses In Michigan – 2017 Edition

Here is the 2017 edition of The GolfBlogger’s Top Ten Golf Courses In Michigan list, chosen from the more than 147 Michigan courses I’ve played and reviewed for the blog. Unlike the big name magazine lists, I can honestly say that I’ve played every course on this list, and most of them more than once. The list includes only public access courses.  I will also note that it has been some time since I played some of these courses. They may well have either improved or deteriorated since my visit. Please let me know in the comments if you have an update or comment:


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  1.  Forest Dunes, Roscommon, Michigan
    1. The Loop at Forest Dunes, Roscommon Michigan (I am cheating a little here, but they’re both at the same facility).
  2. Arcadia Bluffs, Arcadia, Michigan
  3. Tullymore, Stanwood, Michigan
  4. Greywalls, Marquette, Michigan
  5. Black Lake, Onaway, Michigan
  6. Shepherd’s Hollow, Clarkston, Michigan
  7. Treetops Fazio, Gaylord, Michigan
  8. Bedford Valley, Augusta, Michigan
  9. Pilgrim’s Run, Pierson, Michigan
  10. Black Forest, Gaylord, Michigan

And as a bonus, my second ten:

  1. Timberstone, Iron Mountain, Michigan
  2. Sweetgrass, Harris, Michigan
  3. Bay Harbor, Petosky, Michigan
  4. Lyon Oaks, Wixom, Michigan
  5. Dunmaglas, Charlevoix, Michigan
  6. Moose Ridge, South Lyon, Michigan
  7. The Fortress, Frankenmuth, Michigan
  8. Stonehedge South, Augusta, Michigan
  9. The Medalist, Marshall, Michigan
  10. Donald Ross Memorial, Harbor Springs, Michigan

Plus two you probably can play. I’ve never had any trouble getting at tee time at either of these, although they are ostensibly not public courses.

Forest Akers West, East Lansing, Michigan

University of Michigan Golf Course, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I will also include for your consideration a new course that has yet to get much notice, but deserves consideration:

Stoatin Brae, Augusta, Michigan

Stoatin Brae was designed by Tom Doak’s Renaissance Design.

It was very difficult for me to rank order these. I think there is an argument for any of the first five to occupy the top position. The next five were no easier. In the end, I ranked the course by my eagerness to play them again. I would play any of the top five again at any point, and would make a special effort to get there.

I also tried to include some geographic diversity on the list. Still, I ended up with twice as many Northern Michigan courses as not.

  • West Michigan: Arcadia Bluffs, Tullymore, Pilgrim’s Run
  • Northern Michigan: Forest Dunes, Greywalls, Black Lake, Treetops Fazio, Elk Ridge, Black Forest, Timberstone, Sweetgrass, Bay Harbor, Dunmaglas
  • Southeast Michigan: Shepherd’s Hollow, Lyon Oaks, The Fortress, Moose Ridge
  • Mid Michigan: Bedford Valley, Stonehedge South, The Medalist, Stoatin Brae

I will note that I have also played and rejected for this list a several courses which regularly make the big boys’ Top Public Courses in Michigan courses. My experience with a couple of those courses makes me wonder if anyone from the big media golf publications actually has played the courses in question. If they have, I would suggest that their sample size is too small to realize that those particular courses are middlin’ at best.


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