GolfBlogger’s Twentieth Blogiversary

On this day twenty years ago, I launched GolfBlogger.Com with no real goal beyond giving myself an excuse — and in some sense, an obligation — to write.

I had changed careers from political ghost writer to high school teacher several years earlier and as much as I liked the challenge of teaching, I found I missed the writing.

Blogging was in its infancy in 2004 (and possibly has grown old and died by 2024), but seemed like an appropriate platform. Following the old adage of “write about what you know (or love),” I briefly considered a political blog. There were, however, a growing number of those at the time so I decided to write about golf.

And here I am — twenty years later — still writing about golf.

In the past year, I have published 665 articles, bringing the site total to 15, 280. Seventeen new Michigan golf course reviews were added, bringing that total to 274. I have also played and reviewed 42 in other states and countries, for a total of 318 overall. Other articles included a couple of dozen reviews of golf related products such as books, golf clubs, balls, gadgets, apparel, shoes and the like. I’ve also published a few historial articles, kept tabs on events in Michigan golf, tracked the professional tours and passed on information from various organizations I have found interesting.

I probably would be (financially) better off if I paid attention to trending golf topics for SEO purposes and then gamed the system with AI generated material. That’s not what drives me though. I write because I enjoy it. I pass on information that interests me and I think might interest others.

I am fortunate that I have never suffered from “writer’s block,” agonizing over what to say and which word should come next.

In truth, I did not expect anyone to actually read the blog. To my (continued) amazement, however, I have a large and steady stream of visitors. I am grateful for all who stop by to see what I have to say.

The number of visitors, however, is not the measure of the blog. GolfBlogger has been a labor of love, and the friendships and opportunities it has brought to me are incalculable. I am blessed to have so many friends in golf through the blog such as Tony and Alisanne Korologos, John Duval, Tom Lang, Kevin Frisch, Ken Griffin, Greg Johnson, Phyllis Barone, Bill Hobson, Dave Donelson, Vaughn Halyard, Dave Hill, Jimmy Dee Dowsett, Zach Szawara, Alec Grant, Brian Weiss, Neal Kotlarek, Terry Moore, Bill Cuebas, Shane Sharp, Chakib Ghadouani, Carter Sherline, Art McCafferty, Carl Mickelson, Chris King and many, many more. In their own ways, each has made my life better.

Aside from traveling to various places to add to my “collection” of golf courses, I spent much of my golf time this past year at Washtenaw Golf Club, a 125-year-old club with which I am totally in love. The owners and staff — Dave and Karen Kendall, Zach Szawara, Matt Kopony, Tim Czerniawski, Donna Hatch, Mark Pappas and more — are so welcoming and accommodating.

In 2023 and 2024, I managed to extend my streak of playing at least once every month of the year in Michigan. With my round at Washtenaw in March 2024, I have now played in 109 consecutive months in Michigan.

A small pile of gear, books and whatnot are waiting for me to test and review this season. Hopefully, I will soon have more. I’m always looking for things to write about so if any manufacturers are reading this, I’m happy to write about whatever you send.

As over the last twenty years, in the coming season, I will continue to write about golf from the perspective of one of golf’s 99%: the working stiff who plays at public courses with well-worn clubs; whose family and work take precedence; but whose love of the game never diminishes.

I will end this tract with a special thank you to Mrs. GolfBlogger who has put up with my golf and writing obsession for decades and without whom none of this would be possible.

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2 thoughts on “GolfBlogger’s Twentieth Blogiversary”

  1. Congratulations on the BIG 2 0. A lot has changed and a lot has stayed about the same. In 2004 I was already a senior player. That year I broke 80 for the first time in the Ann Arbor Men’s Golf Championship. I tip my hat and wish you a great next 20 years.


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