GolfBlogger’s Bold Prediction

I know its the silly season, but having just finished watching Tiger win convincingly at his Target Invitational, I can’t help but be impressed with the state of his game. In fact, the entire second half of this last season, he was darn near flawless.

And I predict that he wins the Grand Slam next year.

1 thought on “GolfBlogger’s Bold Prediction”

  1. I agree that he was playing against a weakened field, but I’m not basing my prediction on whom he beat (or didn’t beat), but upon his play overall. Regardless of who was in the field, Tiger went 68-68-70-66 in four rounds in this event. He’s in incredible form, and every aspect of his game seemed to be working well—as it has since he won the British Open.

    I’m not a big Tiger fan, but he’s looking so good right now … and we have yet to see anyone step up as a challenger.


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