GolfBlogger’s “While We’re Young” Ad For the USGA

Here’s the “While We’re Young” ad I’d script:

Open scene with a guy on tee box, obviously next to a black tee marker. Camera sweeps to his eye’s view of the hole, revealing a monstrous carry over a swamp and a narrow, tree lined fairway.

Guy mutters: 250 carry. If I hit this on the screws, I just might make it.

Swings, ball falls short in swamp. Reloads, swings, ball disappears in woods.

Jack Nicklaus comes out of the woods, looks meaningfully and sternly at the white tees. Camera shows view from white tees—much more doable.

“While we’re young?”

Golfer picks up the ball and heads to the white tees, swings, clears hazard and finds fairway.

From my observation, the biggest reason people play slowly is that they’re playing from the wrong tees.

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