Golfer’s Footprint

The Golfer’s Footprint could be one of the more useful things I’ve seen. It sits on the ground and, while you stand over it, gives you a visual guide to the swing path. I know that when I’m hitting the ball well, I can visualize the club’s path through the ball before I begin my swing. Having this one the ground when I practice could really ingrain the image into my mind.

They should send me one for a review. wink

2 thoughts on “Golfer’s Footprint”

  1. Is it possible to go from a right-handed golfer to a left handed golfer, like a switch hitter in baseball?

  2. I have heard the idea that right handed people shoudl learn to play left handed because then the leading arm (the one that pulls down the shot) would be the strong one.

    Why don’t you start a discussion on the forums (click the link above) an see what people think.


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