Golfers Footprint Review

The Golfer’s Footprint is a training aid that falls squarely in the learning by seeing category.

The good folk at The Golfers Footprint sent me one over the winter to review, and the weather in Michigan is just now getting to the point where I can try it out.

The Golfers Footprint is a piece of hard plastic with swingpath and clubface information printed on the underside. There is a hole in the middle of it where you put your golf ball.

To use it, you put your ball in the hole, and set up using the guidelines on the board. It shows you how to place your feet and how to align the clubhead for the shot you want. Then, all you do is swing back along the blue arrow, and through using the wide red arrow. There also are swing paths for draw and fade shots.

I was really worried at first about the thing breaking, but being made of lexan, it should stand up to a lot of use.

So how does it work? Well, its early in the season, but I went out to practice with it after a horrible playing round, and soon found that I was getting back on track. It really helps to see the wide stripe where your clubhead should go.

I’ve also never been able to shape the shots as well as I’d like, and this makes the whole procedure a little more obvious.

I recommend this product.

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  1. I like the golfers footprint hitting mat because it gives you a nice visual on how to attack the ball from the inside.


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