Golfers Sues Course Because He Hit Himself In The Eye

A 67 year old golfer has sued a course because a ball he hit ricocheted off a yardage marker and hit him in the eye.

You heard that right. He hit himself in the eye, and he’s suing the course.

Paul Sanchez claims that the course is at fault because it failed to warn him about the yardage markers in the pro shop, on the scorecard, or on any of the tee boxes. He also says the poles were too hard, and should not have been in the middle of the fairway.

Sanchez suffered a fractured orbital rim, along with loss of sight. Sanchez’s wife also is a party to the suit, claiming “emotional distress.”

While Sanchez’ lawyer claims otherwise, this pretty clearly looks like one of those lawsuits where you throw things at a wall to see what sticks. He’s no doubt hoping the course throws some money at him rather than run the expense of a trial. I’m surprised he isn’t also suing the ball manufacturer because there was no warning on the ball. He probably also should sue the clubmaker because he wasn’t warned that it launches balls at high speeds.

Anyone who has played the game more than once or twice knows those markers are out there. And anyone with a lick of sense knows that if there’s even a remote possibility of hitting a marker post, you take it out of the ground and lay it down.

Lets hope the judge plays golf, recognizes the stupidity of this lawsuit and throws the case out of court.

2 thoughts on “Golfers Sues Course Because He Hit Himself In The Eye”

  1. He should sue himself for the injury, represent himself in the defense, and then sue himself again for inadequate representation.  His defense would be mental incapacity.


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