Golfing Minorities In The News

Several golfing “minorities” have been in the news lately.

First, Chi Chi Rodriguez was honored by the US House of Representatives for assisting Latino and other at-risk youth.

Aside from my wondering why the Congress has the time to do such things, it’s a nice thing for Chi Chi.

Second, Sue Fisco, a businesswoman and teaching professional seemingly is on track to become the first female head of the PGA of America. She’s already distinguished herself as the first female member of the PGA Board of Directors.

Of course, Fisco isn’t technically a minority, since there were 155 million females to 151 million males in the US in 2009. But she surely is a minority in the golf world.

And finally, there’s going to be another African American on the PGA Tour next year. Joseph Bramlett—like Tiger, multiracial and Stanford educated—has made it through Q-School. That’s something Tiger didn’t have to do, and Bramlett becomes only the second African American to do so in twenty five years. The last was Adrian Stills.

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