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Par 4 Cotton Linen Knickers
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Real, serious, golf knickers. Not a Halloween costume. Terrific.


In a sport that prides itself on tradition, golf knickers are the attire of tradition. They’re the trousers of choice for Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen. Find a painting or illustration of a traditional golfer and more likely than not, you’ll see knickers.

Knickers originally were worn so that the wet grass wouldn’t soak and damage expensive long pants.

Unfortunately, knickers are passing out of style. Payne Stewart was the last to wear them on Tour.

The folk at GolfKnickers.Com, however, are doing their part to change that. They offer an extensive line of knickers in a huge variety of colors and fabric choices.

GolfKnickers.Com recently sent a pair of their Par 4 cotton-linen knickers to The GolfBlogger for review. They’re terrific and possibly the most comfortable thing I’ve ever work to play golf.

The first thing to know about these knickers is that they are absolutely NOT toys or Halloween costumes. These knickers are well-designed, well-tailored apparel manufactured with quality materials.

The cotton-linen blend for the Par 4s are slightly heavier in feel than a pair of twill trousers. The material, however, is quite cool. I recently played a round where the air temperature was in the mid 70s, and was as comfortable as in a pair of shorts. The knickers also have a nice woven texture that somehow makes them seem more authentic.

The bottoms of the knicker legs are held in place by wide, heavy elastic. At first I was worried that the elastic would cut off the blood in my legs, but that’s just not the case. The bands hold the legs in place without any discomfort at all. The elastic is a bit more coarse than usual to help hold up the socks.

The knickers’ waist has elastic sewn in for that little extra “give.” Along with the pleats, this gives great freedom of movement throughout the swing.

There are two front and rear pockets, and an integrated ball marker similar to those found on gloves.

I recently wore my knickers at a charity golf outing and there was no end to the complements. People really liked the look.

GolfKnickers.Com has six different lines of knickers. The least expensive is the Par 3, which is manufactured from microfiber polyester. Cory Deame, director of marketing for GolfKnickers says that the fabric is along the lines of a climacool. The Par 4 is a cotton linen blend with a little heavier and more natural feeling texture. Both of these come in twenty different solid colors.

The Par 5 is a cotton linen blend that comes in six traditional plaids. A Limited Edition comes with a matching plaid cap.

There’s also a Par 5 in a wool blend in four different plaids. Finally, there’s the Par 5 Limited Edition which comes with a matching cap and bow tie. Both of these would be excellent for cooler weather wear.

The company also sells more than a hundred different solid and argyle over-the-calf socks to go with the pants.

The knickers are all designed and manufactured by GolfKnickers. The lengths of the knickers are dependent upon your height. You’ll need to enter that information when ordering. Deame said that the company will make corrections if the knickers need to be adjusted for odd proportions (such as the GolfBlogger, who has the torso of a man taller than the inseam would indicate).

Deams says that the inspiration for the golf knickers was Payne Stewart.

“Founder Joseph Parisi is tailor by trade. His father was also a tailor who did high-end suits,” Deame said. “After Payne Stewart passed, he realized that there wasn’t anyone selling quality golf knickers and decided to use the web to reach the customers.”

At first, Parisi started hemming pants and adding elastic on the bottoms. It wasn’t long, however, until he started creating his own designs—a natural for a professional tailor.

The pants are designed so that the elastic rides between the calf and knee, with the excess leg fabric hanging loosely down about four inches—thus, Plus-Fours. Some, Deame says, like it blousier, and others want it high and tight with little extra material. Whichever way you like it, GolfKnickers can adjust the pants to accommodate you.

GolfKnickers offers a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee with free repairs or replacement.

I think every serious golfer should own a pair of knickers. Even if you don’t wear them for every round, they’re perfect for special golfing occasions such as club championships and outings. And GolfKnickers.Com is the perfect place to get them.

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