Golfweek’s Best Michigan Courses

The latest issue of Golfweek has a list of the best courses in Michigan. The top ten:

1) Arcadia Bluffs
2) Forest Dunes (I’ve played this one. Review here)
3) Marquette GC – Greywalls
4) Tullymore (Review here)
5) Angels Crossing (Review Here)
6) Lakewood Shores Resort
7) Wilderness Valley
8) Treetops North
9) Black Lake
10) Bay Harbor

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1 thought on “Golfweek’s Best Michigan Courses”

  1. I often wonder who makes up these lists.  Sometimes the ranking is a result of reader’s ratings (e.g. Golf Digest’s “Places to Play”).  Other times a panel of experts pulls the list together.

    Frankly, my guess it that often the raters have not actually played all the top courses.  The ratings are based on publicity and reputation.

    The 10 courses listed are undoubtedly wonderful. I actually played Wilderness Valley.  Do I think it is top 10?  I’ll let you know after I play the other 600 public courses in Michigan.


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