Golfweek’s Top College Golf Courses

Golfweek has its list of top college golf courses. Two of them are the University of Michigan Golf Course (number 12) and the University of Michigan’s Radrick Farms golf course (number 16). I’m surprised that Michigan State’s Forest Akers didn’t make the cut—it’s every bit as nice as Radrick Farms, although much more heavily played. Radrick is a semi-private course for University staff and alumni only, while Forest Akers is open just about everyone (as near as I can tell … I just walked on one day with no tee time or credentials). Forest Akers is a bit more beaten up at any time than Radrick.

I’ve played four Big Ten courses—the two Michigan Courses, Forest Akers and Indiana University’s home course. The Ohio State University’s Scarlet is next on my list. What I’d really like to do is to play it on October 10 of this year on my way back from a football game in Morgantown, WV. I wonder if anyone out there can hook me up …

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  1. Most of these lists are compiled by a select group of know-it-alls who probably have played fewer than 10 percent of the courses rated.  My guess is they look at the University, the designer, the age of the course and whether the course made any other lists.  Once a course makes one of these lists, it is almost always self-sustaining as far as making other lists.

    The inclusion of Radrick shows me the editors of GolfWeek did not even do their homework.  The course is Private and only open to members or their guests.  One does not have to be affiliated with the university to be a member (new members are always alumni or employees).  Most alumni and U of M employees are not allowed playing privileges and students are definitely not allowed unless as a guest.  While techincally owned by U of M, Radrick is definitely NOT a college course.


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