Good Walk Coffee Review

Good Walk Coffee Review

Good Walk Coffee
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Great as a cold brew with a little sweet cream.

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Good Walk Coffee recently sent a bag of their “Breakfast Ball” ground coffee blend for review.

It’s good stuff.

The company was founded in 2019 by Chris Mellow, a lifelong golfer who seeks to instill some of golf’s guiding principles — fair play, honesty, good citizenship and responsibility — into his business. Those principles are embodied in the theme of his company: Good Walk Coffee.

All of the company’s coffee blends have names that are recognizable to golfers: Dew Sweeper, Center Cut and Breakfast Ball. There’s also Goats and Glory, which takes a moment, until you remember that goats were once kept on fairways to keep them trimmed.

Good Walk Coffee Company uses Fair Trade Certified and Organic beans that are roasted by experienced facilities in Seattle and Oakland. Before being packed, they are given a nitrogen flush to keep them fresh. Good walk offers both ground coffee and K-Cup pods.

In the summer, I switch from my usual daily cups of hot coffee (I’m a teacher, so of course I chug coffee) to cold brewed coffee over ice with a little sweet cream.

The Breakfast Ball blend that Good Walk Coffee sent was really good. It’s a bit nutty and a little fruity. But most importantly to me, it’s not too bitter. The company’s literature says that it has hints of oak, but I’m not sure what oak tastes like, outside of whisky aged in oak. Maybe it’s the same sort of thing — some depth and character.

I actually have not tried the Breakfast Ball as a hot beverage. That’s just a little much in the summer. But since I typically use the same blends for my hot coffee as I do for my cold brews, I see no reason why the Breakfast Ball shouldn’t be just as good.

Good Walk offers drip grind and whole beans as well as K-Pods. They have a subscription service that offers 15% off and free shipping.

I remember when coffee came in a can and Folgers was on everyone’s shelf (although ours was always an Eight O’Clock family). Today, there are a bewildering number of options. It’s easy for a coffee company to get lost in the crowd. By tying their coffee to golf, Good Walk is trying to carve out a niche. If you’re a golfer, and a coffee gourmand, you may want to try Good Walk Coffee’s offerings.


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