Gouft Golf Glove Review

Gouft Golf Glove Review

GOuft Golf Glove Review

Gouft Golf Glove
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Nice grippy feeling
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GOuft is a golf accessory company headquartered in Dallas. They sent one of their Spider Web golf gloves for review.

The GOuft glove is manufactured from a comfortable, stretchable material. It feels like a soft leather but actually is what GOuft calls a “suede fabric.” I am not sure what that means, but it is a nice material.

What makes the GOuft glove unique are the spider web patterns on the palm and inner fingers. These webs are strips of tacky silicon that do a tremendous job of helping you keep the club solidly in your fingers while still heeding Sam Snead’s admonition to hold the club like you would a baby bird.

Gouft Golf Glove Review

The silicon spider webs have lasted much longer than I initially thought they would. My first notion was that the strips would peel off after a few uses. I have a pair of winter gloves with silicon strips that started peeling within weeks.

On the other hand, GOuft glove has survived a dozen rounds without losing a single strand on the spider’s web.

From an aesthetic point of view, the spider webs are cool. You can get the gloves with the webs in red, black, grey, green and yellow. They should seriously do a red glove with white webs, though for a friendly neighborhood web-slinger vibe. But that may be lawyer bait.

GOuft is an unusual name. The company says that it’s an homage to the old Scottish word “gouf,” from which the word “golf” is derived.

The GOuft golf glove review first appeared on GolfBlogger Golf Blog on June 1, 2021.

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