GPS Unit On Sale

My car GPS is the single most useful gadget I have ever bought—and I have purchased a lot of gadgets over the years. It’s completely replaced glovebox maps, and I think it’s made my driving safer. No longer do I have to try to follow a map while going to unfamiliar places. The GPS warns me of upcoming turns well before I arrive at the spot, giving me time to get into the correct lane, and prepare for the change.

There’s also a golf application for this. The units show golf courses. Sometimes during the summer, I just get into my car and drive in a random direction. Then, after thirty or forty miles, I stop at the first course that shows up on my GPS that I don’t recognize. I’ve discovered a lot of really neat courses this way.

The new ones have a feature that allows the unit to wirelessly receive data on traffic jams and route you around them.

Amazon is having a big sale on GPS Units

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